420 Labs REZCUE Rezblocker Concentrate Bong Cleaner


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420 Labs REZCUE Rezblocker Concentrate


Introducing REZCUE Concentrate  (30mL) , the all natural and safe solution formulated to keep your glass water pipes resin and tar free. Rezcue is a proprietary blend of fruit and vegetable extracts and minerals designed to keep resin and tar from sticking to any of your bongs by providing a non-stick layer to the inside of your glass, making it a lot easier to clean.

Simply add 1 full dropper of REZCUE to your smoking water, take a dry hit to mix the contents and your ready to enjoy nice smooth hits every single time.

We recommend using Premium Bong Cleaner to clean out all your waterpipes, bongs and dab rigs.


Need some extra smoking accessories? Lighter? Tray? Rolling Papers?




420 LABS

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