Cooler Glycerin Chamber – Ash Catcher 14mm -14mm





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Cooler Glycerin Chamber – Ash Catcher 14mm -14mm

It is also known as condenser coils, glycerin coils are freezable glass pieces that are usually incorporated into a bong and are add-ons that function as chamber, one side goes into the stem and the cone piece goes on the other site. The chamber works like magic. It makes the smoking experience pleasurable, nice, and smooth.

Just put the chamber in the freezer, We recommend freezing the glycerin coil for 1-hour, but if you just wanted a few quick hits you can go shorter. It’s okay to leave the coil in the freezer in between sessions.


Product details:

  • Glycerine Coil
  • 14mm Joint works on both bongs with 14mm female and male joints.
  • Takes a 14mm cone piece
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Chamber height: 10.00cm

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 5 cm


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