Large Brass Tobacco Spike Pipe 11.5cm


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Large Brass Tobacco Spike Pipe 11.5cm


This Full Brass Tobacco Spike Pipe Comes with a built in Spike and Tamper.  

The spike is great for poking into the mouthpiece hole/Bowl hole to keep clean. And the tamper presses the tobacco neatly into the pipe for an even burn. Unscrew the end cap in front of the cone piece to find the tool. The brass end of the spike is the tamper tool.

Product details:

  • 11.5cm in length (approximately)
  • Material: Full Brass
  • Easy to clean (Pipe comes apart)
  • Unscrew and use the spike to clean the pipe
  • It comes apart easily clean, just use a pipe cleaner and it’s brand new again.

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