Roddi Beaker Honeycomb Glass Bonza Bong – 30cm


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Roddi Beaker Honeycomb Glass Bonza Bong – 30cm

The bong is made of clear thick glass and features a honeycomb perc allowing for great filtration and not very much lag. When smoke and water get pushed together and pass through the honeycomb it turns all that smoke into tiny bubbles providing lots of filtration. For this reason the honeycomb perc is definitely one of the smoothest percs. This bong comes with a metal stem and shotty. It is a combination of Aussie style and American Style waterpipes . so if you want to try an America style bong but your used to the shotty and don’t like the sliders, THIS IS YOUR BONG!

Product details:

  • Features a honeycomb perc
  • 4mm Thick Glass
  • Thick Pyrex Glass with a sturdy Mouth Piece that is nice to smoke with.
  • Measures 30cm in height (approximately).
  • Includes Bonza stem &  a bucket cone piece
  • It comes in different colours(Blue, Amber, Teal, Grey, Green,…. Sent randomly)

Want to know what is special about Beaker Bongs?

Do you know that you can even use a 14mm glass cone piece with this bong, check out our cone pieces, cleaning products, lightersgrinder, and other smoking accessories!

Get Billy Mate Mouthpiece Kit to filter your tar and toxins and prevent Rez Lips without affecting the airflow or the good stuff! This includes the silicone mouthpiece that fits in on all bongs, four activated carbon Got-Yaa filters, and a lanyard that you can hang to your neck or around your wrist so you won’t lose it! ?






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