Silky – Tenga Egg


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Silky – Tenga Egg

Tenga Egg – SILKY features a thread-spun inside surface within its stretchy sleeve in a continual pattern giving a smooth silkiness sensation.


  • Manufactured from ultra soft and flexible materials, the TENGA egg can be easily transformed into a sex toy for hours of pleasurable fun
  • The TENGA Egg’s versatility make them the choice male masturbator because penises are usually of different shape and size, and are bent at different angles and are variable in thicknesses
  • As the TENGA Egg is elastic it stretches comfortably to fit any penis.  Stretching is to cover the penis completely which magnifies the pleasure
  • Another reason for the brilliance of the TENGA Egg is its shape, size and high portability of this sex toy
  • The small and compact size makes the TENGA Egg cute to hold and look at especially where ladies are concerned, making the Egg a great couples toy as it does not look threatening
  • It can also be slipped into the pocket of your pants or your briefcase without looking too revealing too. Thus they can go with you everywhere
  • It comes in 6 designs and is simple to use: simply remove the wrapper, open the egg-shaped container, and take out the TENGA Egg
  • Inside you will find a small plastic pouch that holds a small packet of Egg Lotion specifically designed for this purpose.  Open it and squeeze the content into the Egg and your ready to go.




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Dimensions 9 × 7 × 7 cm


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