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Beaker Bongs

WhyBeaker Bongs are Popular?

The classic Beaker bong is a water pipe with a wide bottom that offers increased stability giving one a smooth smoke. These popular beaker style Bongs are generally much sturdier than their straight tubed counterparts, making them less likely to be knocked off coffee tables by pets or careless actions.

Other advantages of beaker bongs are, beaker bongs hold more water, more smoke in the base, and allow for larger, grander hits, yet keeping a smooth flow.

A great benefit with the Beaker bong is also that you get plenty of room for percs (that’s short for percolators, ICYMI), so you may choose to add extra filtration to your smoking experience.
Not all types of percs fit inside a straight tube water pipe, so you don’t get the same advantage with a straight bong as a beaker bong.
The beaker’s big base is definitely an important feature if you’re set on on using a specific perc.

The beaker bong and its little cousin, the bubble bong, as well as other rounded or large base bottomed water pipes, tend to have more variety and creativity in their designs, since there’s more surface area to work with.

These designs may include a ring, or a lip, or a slightly more flared base to increase the stability of the piece. The glass can be blown to different thicknesses as well. The verity in these styles is endless.
If you are looking for a truly unique standout piece of glass, you’re sure to find one that incorporates a beaker bottom.

Beaker bongs and water pipes are always very popular among avid Smokers.
We have put together an extensive collection for you to peruse, from the basic beaker bongs for everyday use, to the complex show piece ones with percs already included, and even recyclers in this selection.

Check Our Beaker Collection!

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