Sippin Syrup Relaxation Drink Beverage – Blue 20 Oz


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Sippin Syrup Relaxation Drink Beverage – Blue

Consume Responsibly:

Not recommended for children or pregnant women. May cause drowsiness, do not operate a motor vehicle or machinery. Limit 2 servings in a 24 hour Period. E

Each bottle contains 2.5 servings.

Product description


  • Flavor: Blue, a refreshing pomegranate-berry flavor with no carbs, calories or sugar.
  • Quantity: Each bottle contains 2.5 servings.

Sippin Syrup is one of the highest quality in beverage products that will help you relax and enjoy the many benefits that come from being calm, cool and collected.

Sippin Syrup is designed to help you unwind after a stressful day, cool down after an exhilarating workout, or decompress before bed, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep that ensures you will wake up the next day fully rested and super charged.

Sippin Syrup’s unique blend of vitamins and natural ingredients will do just that! Our team of experts have spent countless sessions creating that perfect mix that offers a smooth chill without sacrificing taste.


Dietary Supplements Information

Chamomile Extract – a traditional herbal sleep remedy and is often made into a tea.

Lavender Extract – for its relaxation properties when used as a tea.

L-Theanine – for improving cognition and mood. Its effects include tranquility and relaxation.

Melatonin – increases REM sleep which is a crucial in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Valerian Root Extract – a flowering perennial herb thought to have natural relaxing properties, it has been widely used in the past for nervous conditions and insomnia. Nowadays its relaxing effects have been used as a natural remedy for various conditions, avoiding harsh prescription drugs.

Rose Hips Extract – will help deal with stress and a natural source for small amounts of vitamins, mainly vitamin C, including E and K and many others. Other than being a natural source for these vitamins, it has been thought to aid in prevention and treatment of infections like the cold and flu.

Hops Extract – known as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, but also thought to produce a calming effect in people suffering from anxiety and insomnia.

St. John’s Wort Extract – a very common non-prescription alternative for depression. It promotes normal mental health function and stability.

Skullcap Extract – a perennial herb thought to have a mild relaxing effect on the nervous and musculoskeletal system; which may provide an effective, alternative therapy for anxiety, nervous tension, and convulsions.

Kava Kava Extract – is taken from the natural Kava Kava plant and is thought to have sedating effects causing relaxation without interfering with mental clarity.


B3 – also known as Niacin, absorbs well and has been known to lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

B5 – also known as Pantothenic Acid, is essential part of metabolizing and synthesizing fats, carbohydrates, and protein. B5 is needed to produce Coenzyme A which, according to holistic medicine doctors, can prevent chronic fatigue.

B6 – also known as Pyridoxine, is essential in the production and breakdown of sugar. The sugar that is impacted by B6 is stored in the liver in the form of glycogen and is released only when the body’s sugar levels get critically low. B6 has been connected to many other enzymes in the body that play a part in metabolism.

B12 – also known as Cobalamin, is poorly absorbed through the GI tract in pill form, leaving injection or liquid form the best way for the body to absorb this vitamin that is essential to the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

D (Blue only) – found in few foods, used for heart, blood vessel, diabetes, muscle weakness and obesity conditions. Low vitamin D increases susceptibility to major diseases.


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