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What is a percolator bong?

How these units operate is that they come equipped with a diffuser and a filter that extracts all of the best components of your herbs and at the same time manages to eliminate any nasty carcinogens.

Many new bongs these days will already come with an elegant percolator diffuser, the real problem begins when deciding which one is for you! To be quite honest this is a pretty hard one to call as there are so many of these outstanding percolator bongs out there that it can sometimes be extremely hard in trying to determine which one is for you.

Circ Perc

A circ perc, or circular percolator, is a percolator made up of one or numerous rings with gaps between them and slits in the side. This makes a circ perc different from a showerhead percolator, which has only a single circle with slits or holes on the bottom, like a showerhead.  

Smoke or vapor is drawn through the openings in a circ perc and into a diffusion chamber before continuing to the mouthpiece and into the lungs. As with any percolator, circ percs can be combined with other types of percolators. It’s important to note that combining multiple methods of percolation can result in a greater degree of percolation but also less THC goes into your lungs.


Cyclone percs (or turbine percs) are discs with angled cuts around the sides. When water is pulled through them, it’s forced to spin in a cyclone fashion creating a whirlpool effect. That’s why they’ve earned the name of cyclones or “turbines”.

They are also called Tornado bongs and dab rigs, Simply take a hit and watch the water and smoke swirl in the glass chamber.

The honeycomb perc is a disc located in the center of the bong that has holes in the disc that are actually shaped like a “honeycomb”,  allowing for great filtration and not very much lag. 

The shape of honeycomb percs gives them the functionality they need to filter smoke with such efficiency. When smoke and water get pushed together and pass through the honeycomb it turns all that smoke into tiny bubbles providing lots of filtration. For this reason the honeycomb perc is definately one of the smoothest percs.

HoneyComb Percs are really popular because like the Dome Perc they are sturdy. No matter how hard you pull through it or bonk it the perc itself is still sturdy. The big difference is the size of the holes that are on it. When buying a bong with a honey comb perc always make sure all of the holes are open and that there is no shody glass work around the perc. We check all our bongs before we send them out to you.

The holes in the bottom of dome percs are large, so more air can pass through. Of all the styles of percs, dome percs add the least resistance to the airflow. This is great because you get extra filtration without needing to pull harder. They are sturdy and are the easiest type of perc to clean.


An inline percolator is simply a horizontal tube with several slits in them. As you probably guessed by now, more slits equals more percolation within your bong. These percs are typically located in the base of the bong and complement other types of percs, such as a showerhead. 

A good inline perc should have the vents positioned on the bottom facing downward. There should not be any holes or vents on the top of the perc. This allows the ideal water level so that your smoke will always pass through water without splashing up. The holes on an inline perc are smaller than those on dome percs, so they are smoother, but you will need to pull a little harder.


Matrix percolators can really amp up the aesthetic of your water pipe. They’re usually cylindrical in shape and located in the center of the bong’s base. Matrix percs have both vertical and horizontal slits, resulting in super high volumes of diffusion because of all the different directions that the smoke can separate.


A showerhead percolator is a vertical tube with a flared bottom that has holes or slits on the bottom. Smoke or vapor is drawn through the openings in the flared bottom of the tube into the main chamber before continuing to the mouthpiece and into the lungs. 

This style percolator can be combined with others to achieve a higher degree of percolation. Some think percolation can result in slightly less THC when inhaling, however, most feel they can inhale more smoke or vapor through diffusion because it’s smoother, resulting in feeling higher.


Many smokers choose Swiss Percs for their exceptional filtration. Swiss Perc pipes usually have low drag, meaning they take little lung power to clear. Because the percolators are actually built into the chamber of the water pipe rather than fixed into the stem, Swiss Percs deliver a heavy chug that can’t be found elsewhere. When paired with other percolators, the Swiss Perc works to further break up bubbles created by the traditional percolator. This creates a different smoking experience with every percolator combination.

Because of the Swiss Perc’s unique design, each piece delivers a different smoking experience depending on the position and number of Swiss-holes. This enables smokers to get a different smoke by altering water levels.

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The built-in sprinkler percolator consists of a large amount of tubes create an outward air stream, When filled with water each sprinkler pushes your smoke into the water for top notch diffusion.  


A percolator that looks like a tree, with a main trunk and several branches. Smoke comes up through the main trunk to the top, and then is diffused through the many branches and through the water in a bong or dab rig. These branches can also have additional diffusers at their ends, further refining the smoke. Like all percolators, a tree perc diffuses smoke, cooling it and making hits smoother and less harsh. 


Also referred to as a spital percolator, this style simply brings the smoke through the coil and increases the cooling potential. It is also a welcome visual feature. Compared to other percolators, spiral percs provide smoother and longer drags.

This piece allows the awesome visual of smoke rushing through the coil to shine with an otherwise bare-bones approach, aside from the ice catcher. The ice catcher prevents spillage within the bong.

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